Gaming on a budget (again)

Apologies for not updating this sooner… It’s been a busy few months and I’m hoping to get back into regularly updating my blog, I’m writing for other websites also, such as (you should check them out as they’re awesome) and working on other projects I have in the pipeline… I won’t say much about it now, but it will be taking up a huge chunk of my time and hopefully change things in my life for the better…

Now, let’s resume with matters in hand – namely gaming on the cheap. While I have many times before offered my thoughts on different ways of trying to get your gaming fix whilst saving the pennies – yet it’s more prominent for me now more than ever, with so many brilliant new games coming out and prices rising it’s difficult to game on a budget!


Last Generations offerings

This may slightly defeat the object of saving cash, but I’ve recently purchased a preowned PS3 console from Ebay – it cost £60 including delivery which may seem expensive considering it’s an older, preowned console but I cleverly went for the piano black version of the PS3 that is able to play some PS2 games as well. So for £60, I’ve not only got the last generation games to choose from but also the one before as well. It’s opened the possibilities of playing games I may have missed last time round and most games are dirt cheap anyway. For example, I managed to grab the brilliant American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns for just £2.50 from the store – bargain! There have been some pricier games I’ve splurged out on – such as Ni No Kuni for £12 – yet still cheap in comparison to PS4 counterparts.

assassins creed

Wait for latest releases to come down in price

We all want something right away and not being told to wait for it and with gaming it’s no different. After waiting for months or even years for a game to be released, it can be tormenting to wait while everyone else gets to play the delights of latest releases. But if you can wait even just a few months after release, games soon drop down in price. For example, I was desperate to play Assassin’s Creed: Origins (released in October 2017 the RRP was £49.99) yet no copy of the game was waiting for me under my Christmas tree (ahem!) so I decided to wait. It took a while to be honest as I checked gaming shops / websites regularly to no avail. Until finally, the game came down to £28 (preowned) in Cex – so I decided to strike like an assassin (see what I did there?) and buy. I guess my advice is to check, compare and wait if you can to get the best prices.


Use loyalty

While it’s rare for me to buy a game brand new (only exceptions are when sales are on or downloading from the online store) but I be sure to use Cashback (always worth checking) and then making sure points / loyalty cards are linked, ensuring not only do I get cashback but collect points for future purchases! Tesco is a good example of using points for a purchase – every quarter they will send out vouchers to use (if you swipe your club card enough) and often send out bonus vouchers for money off – such as recently, I had £8 in Clubcard points to spend and £7 off a £50 spend – that’s potentially a big discount on a new title. It may seem obvious, but a lot of people forget to use a retailer’s loyalty to their advantage.


Yes, my tips may be obvious, but I thought I’d share my knowledge with you all to save money and still getting your gaming fix! Until next time…

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