Stick it to the Man! Switch Review

In a world made of paper, cardboard and stickers, Ray has woken up from an accident to suddenly being able to read people’s minds! Thanks to a giant, pink spaghetti like arm sticking out of his head – Sound odd? Prepare for a whole world of crazy as this is just the start of Stick it to the Man! It gets weird and wonderful the more you play. Better fasten your seatbelt kids, as this is going to be one heck of a bonkers ride!

Stick It To The Man_03

Developed by Zoink Games and originally released in 2016, Stick it to the Man ported to the Nintendo Switch is a quirky, wickedly funny puzzle platformer that tells the story of Ray – a hard hat tester who awakes to from an accident to find he can now read minds of everyone he meets, which comes in handy as you’ll need to read everyone’s mind to play the game. This is through the pink arm poking out from his head – one flick of the Switch’s directional stick and boom! You can hear whoever’s thoughts are near to who you click onto and while fun, it also paces the game.

Stick It To The Man_01

For example, at the local dance club, one character is waiting for her boyfriend, so they can enter the dance competition but hasn’t turned up – how did I know this? By reading her mind of course! So, it’s up to Ray to find out where he’s got to.  Wandering further down in the level, her boyfriend has been shoved in the boot of a mob’s car. By flicking a nearby dog some scary teeth, he’ll chase away the mob guys and using a can opener sticker, Ray is able to get the boyfriend out of the car and ready to put on his dancing shoes!

While most of the puzzles are fetch style quests, it’s done in a clever way that requires Ray to listen in on all character’s thoughts and up to you to remember what needs going and where. Stickers play an integral part in the puzzles too. If you need a sticker, the spaghetti arm will be able to reach it for you – enabling you to progress further.


Controls are simple, mainly the use of the spaghetti arm / jumping covers most of what you’ll need. Though sometimes I did tire of jumping to platforms and missing, thus frustrating deaths ensued.

It’s no surprise the humour is twistedly funny – writer Ryan North wrote anime series Adventure Time and it’s easy to see the resemblance. Humour staples the game together, blending the wonderful quirky art style with dark one liners and silly story lines that are entertaining and some disturbing.

Stick It To The Man_07

The voices are brilliant and really make the quirky theme come to life, along with great music and sound effects to boot.

There isn’t much content in the game, nor is there any extras included in the Switch version (except for the obvious portability of the game) and you’ll pretty much have it finished within a few hours, but the game is a delight to play all the same.

Stick It To The Man_04

This is a different, original quirky experience, Stick it to the Man! really knows where to poke fun and sticks it to you in the best way. It’s dark, funny and unlike most of the games out there – on the surface may look simple but is well thought out game that is packed with thoughtful set pieces in an easy to use game play and design.


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