Incoming queens of Rupaul’s Drag Race: All Stars Season 3

*Spoilers Ahead*


Are you ready to get All-Star-ted? Rupaul’s Drag Race: AllStars Season 3 is coming kittens and it is gold. Literally! With the Ruveal of all the queens announced live on Friday night, let’s look which delightful queens we have sashaying our way in the ultimate race there is…

Now, it’s no secret that I absolutely adore Drag Race (never done drag before and I don’t think I ever will – far too hairy for that!) and Season 2 of AllStars was the ultimate for me. So, it was hard to think of which queens I wanted for Season 3. I mentioned gold because the promo is golden! Yasss bitch, better be dripping in gold this season as each queen revealed their golden goddess looks. Michelle Visage interviewed the first queen on the live Facebook announcement and not so surprisingly is:

Aja – Originally on Season 9

Aja AS3

Ok, a little underwhelming start – Aja was nothing special in my eyes, but she does have her fans, and plenty will be pleased to learn she is once again in the race. She caused a little controversy in her time on Drag Race with her clash with Valentina but is probably more well known for face tuning her pictures as opposed to being able to sort her makeup.

I think she is looking a lot better now and she promises to make more of an impression as she stated: “I think in season 9 I didn’t get to leave the mark I wanted to leave” and you best believe she is looking a lot better as she laughs “I learned to blend my makeup”. I don’t expect a lot, but we shall see how Aja will be able to officially snatch edges in Season 3.

BenDeLaCreme – Originally on Season 6

BenDeLaCreme AS3

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Now this is the shit I’m talking about! I’ve loved De La since she wowed on Season 6 and was wrongly eliminated too early in the competition. Not only did DeLa win 2 challenges, she showed she had amazing looks, awesome acting skills, she was funny and sweet to boot. I expect great things from DeLa and hope she gets the recognition she deserves.

“Fierce, flawless… slay. This is not how I talk” she giggles “Since season 6 I have got more comfortable, which is a nice way of that Adore thing, where I don’t actually give a fuck”

She’s sweet and has kindly replied to a few of my (many) tweets to her. I’m sensing top 3 (at least!) for my lovely Ms. Crème.

Chi Chi DeVayne – Originally on Season 8

chi chi

“I’m a very polished queen now…. I’ve stepped it up” she states. Well, I wasn’t a fan of her in season 8 but pleased she has another chance to shine in All Stars 3. Show us your more than the trash queen you said you were, Chi Chi.

Kennedy Davenport – Originally on Season 7

Kennedy AS3

LaGuardia, Newark… Kennedy. She’s flown in once again! My partner adored Kennedy Davenport, yet I don’t really get it. In her own words, she said “Kennedy has grown more as far as drag is concerned” and carried on “I am more than what people saw on season 7… I’m definitely not the person perceived”

Though, out of our line up Kennedy hasn’t really changed much in terms of looks since her own season. It might be down to be a little older than the other queens (no shade) so may have come a long way already. Still, nobody is perfect so let’s see what Kennedy can bring.

Milk – Originally on Season 6

Milk AS3

Now, I normally don’t do dairy… Yes, it’s milking time once again with the queen with the quirkiest looks – in her season, she sashayed down the runway with a beard. She said, “The reason I wanted to come back on All-stars is I transformed a lot, I mean it was like 4 years ago… Fashion does inspire all of my looks.”

I’m not loving the oversized muscle woman look Milk has gone for in the promo, but the makeup seems a lot more mainstream. I’m hoping for some sickening looks and plenty of milk for all to gag over.

Morgan McMichaels – Originally on Season 2

Morgan AS3

The only season 2 queen in the race (why no season 1 queens – where they really that bad?!) Morgan was a little unpolished in her season and while she still looks like she has a lot to learn, her look has improved. She said, “I’m the best lip syncer in the cut” and also “But, Rupaul still scares me a little bit” as she spoke of All Stars 3. I’m just hoping for no Pink this season as was bad the first-time round…

Thorgy Thor – Originally on Season 8

Thorgy AS3

“Im Thorgy Thor and want to be on Survivor… “Hmm Thorgy. I never was sure about her and still not. Is she funny? A little. Is she talented? I think that’s questionable. Ultimately, is she ready to slay? Apparently so, with fighting words such as “I’m back for Season 3 to clown around and hopefully, start some trouble” we shall see Thorgy. We shall see!

Trixie Mattel – Originally on Season 7


Trixie thoroughly deserves to be in this line up, she seemed to shine more after leaving the show, with hilarious YouTube series with Drag Royalty Katya but also showed she has an awesome country voice with her album (that is good to listen to).

Her look has just got even more Mattel – bigger hair and plastic fantastic makeup. I expect another top 3 contestants right here and she isn’t afraid to throw other queens under the bus: “All Stars 3 is about me full on Showgirls-ing Shangela down the stairs”

I simply cannot wait for her return!

Shangela – Originally on Season 2, as well as Season 3


“Halleloo, I’m back again – yes, again…” Halleloo ladies. Like a boomerang, it seems Shangela has a way of coming back several times. She was first eliminated in the first lip sync of Season 2 and came close to doing the same thing in Season 3 but managed to pull through and show she has come on since the year before. Highlighting her brilliant wit, loveable personality and generally, her stardom, Shangela is back once again as she states, “Time goes on and bitches get better”.

Might as well crown that bitch now as I’m backing her all the way! Her makeup is so much better, her looks have been more sickening than ever, and she seems to know how to own her stardom. CROWN IT is all I can say, Halleloo.

Just between us girls, what did we think? Any queens they’ve missed out who deserves another chance in the race?

Some rumours of a tenth queen yet to be ruvealed have been circulating – who do you think it is?

Come back for more coverage of All Stars Season 3 when it launches this winter.

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