Rupaul’s Drag Race AllStars: Season 3 Ru-veal

Hey there happy campers! Been a long time since I’ve blogged please accept my sincere apologies, it’s due to starting a new job, working on a side business and ahem, going on holiday… Still, I have acca-awesome stuff to say, so let’s kick this off with our thoughts on the queens destined for Rupaul’s Drag Race: All Stars Season 3!

adore gif

I’ve tried desperately to avoid spoilers but now my partner is obsessed with Drag Race too – I can’t help but look over his shoulder as he browses the many Reddit forums gleaming any info on the queens I can get. Now VH1 have announced the queen ru-veal will be this Friday (20th October) which queens do you think are sashaying their way back to the ultimate cat walk? Who would you like to see?

It’s a difficult one for me as most of my favourite queens graced our screens In All Stars 2 – with the likes of Alaska, Adore Delano (though that was so disappointing to watch) Katya and Ginger Minj all crammed into one fantastic season.

shangela gif

I’d love to see more queens from earlier seasons especially the one and  only Shangela from Season 3 – Halleloo! Would be awesome to see Willam, Ivy Winters and the much-underestimated April Carrion – I think they would all be total killer queens now.I’m desperate for Ben Dela Crème to be in it too – she was funny, talented and had such a unique way….

bendelecreme gif

Who would you like in your Season 3 of All Stars to be? Full Ru-veal will be posted here this weekend with analysis of each queen, so better check back soon….

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