Geek Chic Greetings to all!

I have been super quiet lately and my last post did mention, I was up to something… well, here it is: I am starting my own business! Ta Dahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Geek Chic Greetings is coming very soon:

Geek Chic logo no background

What is this new venture, I hear you cry? Well I’ve been busier than a beaver – I’ve created many geeky, quirky card designs that I plan to sell. It’s been a lot of work but I’m getting to the point where I can now start sharing a little of my work with you guys and eventually I hope to launch a full e-commerce website.

Have a super birthday ONLINE

Geek Chic Greetings provide a wide range of cards, some with naughty humour and others with sincerity but all are unique, Geeky and Chic. All cards are printed on high quality 300 GSM card and come with a 280 GSM paper envelope and free delivery either back to you or the recipient. Cards such as:

Shouldnt it be doctor whom ONLINE

Geek Chic Greetings was set up to combat expensive cards from larger companies and keeping quality of designs at the forefront of all I do. Providing unique and quirky greetings at very competitive prices.

As a consumer, I found it was difficult to find cards that appealed to my inner geek combined with a twisted sense of humour that didn’t require a mortgage to buy! And with so many new occasions, we struggled to find cards that would suit the not so generic celebration or event that were of good quality and inexpensive at the same time.

Times are hard, so heres a card! ONLINE

As a business, I realised there was a gap in the market for more unusual cards, examples such as light hearted Frenemy Cards to more sincere ones such as Coming Out. Price is always a major factor in any consumer buying process, I ambitiously wanted to create different style of cards, with awesome original designs at low prices. Such as:

You're now a friend of Dorothy ONLINE

Now, the website is still under way but I have only just launched my social media campaigns. I need your help to gain more followers and hopefully grow the business. There is an awesome competition on the facebook website:

On Twitter: @geekchiccards

& now Instagram: @Geekchicgreetings

Please like / share and help me start something great. Everything is done by myself – from logo’s to header images, to the card designs to marketing the business. This is my baby and hope to share with you all.

If you like any designs and wish to buy, simply send me a message either on Social Media or email:

It may mean I’m not posting as many updates as I did, but I hope you’ll join me on this adventure, far into the future, as this is just the beginning…

Geeky. Chic. Greetings


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