The Book of Dust preview

(Spoilers ahead)

When Phillip Pullman announced new sequels to the awesome His Dark Materials trilogy I was so stoked. Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass were some of the greatest books I have ever read, sorry about it J.K Rowling…

Coming 19th October, the first book in the series is called The Book of Dust: (Volume One) La Belle Sauvage. Supposedly a prequel to His Dark Materials Trilogy, the story is set 10 years before the events of Northern Lights it still centres on Lyra but the other two books will be set 10 years after the events of His Dark Materials. Confusing? A little, but it’ll be great to fill in some back story as well as seeing what happens next.

The story also features a new hero, but little is known as to who.

In Waterstones, they are giving away the first 8 pages of the novel for free.

His Dark Materials

Not only that, but the book’s artwork has been released and while many have praised the cover, I was a little unimpressed, especially compared to the dazzling cover of Northern Lights. Still, it gives us an idea as to what happens in the story – the artwork features La Belle Sauvage – the name of a small rowing boat in a stormy and dark sea setting.

As for the first 8 pages, not much seems to happen but it doesn’t mean the book will be bad. A young boy named Malcom takes Lord Asriel to see his daughter, Lyra as a baby.

Again, not much happens except Lyra is taken away by Lord Asriel.

Where this fits in the timeline of the full series, I am unsure. But I do remember reading something like in Northern Lights, the scholars speak of Lyra being attempted to be taken away by Asriel in the past so is this what they spoke of?

Mrs Coulter

There’s far too little to go on to judge the whole book, but I simply cannot wait to read it – I hope Phillip Pullman manages to re-capture the magic of His Dark Materials yet if it’s half as good, it will be brilliant. We need more Lyra, more daemons and more of Mrs.Coulter and we need it now!

Check back here to read my review when the book is released in October.

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