Ruview: The Finale

*Warning – spoilers ahead*

Yasss, bitches! We made it! While I have missed the last few episodes in my Ruviews, I thought I’d combine them for a final ru-stravaganza of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 9. We have our top four queens: Trinity Taylor, Peppermint, Sasha Velour and Shea Coulee. Which queen is crowning?


While I will freely admit this season hasn’t been the greatest, it has had its entertaining moments. Some queens have massively let us down (I’m looking at you Charlie Hides and Valentina!) some have felt like they were just filler (Jaymes Mansfield / Roxxy Andrews sorry, I mean Alexis Michelle) and others that have shown true talent – hence the final four we have left.

Usually, my partner and I aren’t necessarily bothered with the final show – the ones in the past felt like it was just a long drawn out process to crown a bitch. Though this year, the shorter show filled with stuff we actually care about was a lot better. And what a final!


If I had to put my money on one of the queens, I guess I would have chosen Trinity Taylor – but, just as throughout the competition I was wrong!

The main difference this year is the addition of final lip syncs – usually we only have 3 queens left and with 4 this year Ru decided to have them lip sync against each other 2 by 2.

RuPaul's Drag Race Episode 914 (screen grab) CR: VH1

Trinity and Peppermint were up first and while Peppermint did a cool reveal on her outfit, I thought Trinity had taken the win. But I was wrong – Peppermint was through and Trinity was out!


Next up was Sasha Velour Vs her friend throughout the competition, Shea Coulee. Sasha slayed the lip sync despite having never had to do so throughout the competition.

Sasha came out on top (possibly first time she has had to top) and then went on to win against Peppermint.

So our new reigning queen is none other than Sasha Velour!

A worthy winner in my eyes, as her looks have been completely stunning throughout, she seems to have good intentions, a sad back-story (her mum passing from cancer is the reason she is a bald queen) and overall an awesome queen.


Condragulations, Sasha!

So what did us squirrel friends think? Was Sasha the right queen to win? Or were you hoping one of the other 3 queens was going to snatch the crown? Or better yet, a queen further down in the competition?


As this is the end of my #Ruview articles, I really hope Allstars 3 comes around quickly – I need my drag fix! Be sure to check back soon as I will be writing my do’s and don’ts of Drag Race. See you at the finish line, bitches.

One thought on “Ruview: The Finale

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  1. Great rundown & pics!

    Sasha was a very consistent competitor & saved the best for last.
    Her finale looks were show stoppers, so there was no denying her,
    (unlike other seasons where Ru clearly played favoritism)

    Despite having the highest viewing numbers (thanks to the move to
    VH1 over here in the US) The season was more like crunchy peanut
    butter. There was a lot of filler & a lot of queens with filler.

    We actually tried to block out the Snatch Game & The Night of 1,000
    Madonnas pt 2. We wanted Nina Bo’ Nina Brown to go farther in the
    competition but clearly her inner saboteur came out & took over.

    For Drag Race to have a future, the show needs to open up the casting
    & bring in the International talent, please give us the Eurovision of Drag.


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