Wonder Woman Review

I am going to try my absolute hardest at reviewing this without fan girling. And I promise you now, I will fail spectacularly. Wonder Woman in a nutshell, is THE best superhero movie I have ever seen. Period. It surpasses every single other DC film ever made and does so with grace, power and wonder. This is Wonder Woman and it is in a word simply, wonderful.

I was majorly geeking out whilst watching Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (see my review here) whenever Wonder Woman was on screen. Whilst her parts were very small in the movie, each scene she was in (Wonder Woman is played by the stunning Gal Gadot), was hers. She stole the show and for me, had some of the best parts of the film.


Gal Gadot now returns to play Wonder Woman but now in her own movie.

American pilot Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine) crash lands in a once hidden island, known as Themyscira. Steve is saved from drowning by Diana (Galdot) Princess of the Amazons on the island. He explains to her about the World War, that Diana swiftly volunteers to fight in leaving the island she is convinced the war has been orchestrated by Ares, the god of war. Long story short, Diana uses her fighting skills to help Steve and his crew make gains in the war – revealing her god like powers in the process. And surprisingly, is known as Wonder Woman.

As Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot shines. I admit to not seeing any of her other films (she co-starred in films such as Fast and Furious 7 and Keeping up with the Joneses) but I know she was meant for this role. She carries the role off flawlessly. Yes, she is so beautiful to look at, but she is so much more than a pretty face. She brings a sense of being to the role – showing her naivety, her ability to find the best quality in other characters and overall sense of purpose. I can’t imagine any other actress who could carry off the role better than her.


On taking on the role as Wonder Woman, Gadot stated “I feel very privileged that I got the opportunity to portray such an iconic, strong female character. I adore this character and everything that she stands for and everything that she symbolizes.”

A film version of Wonder Woman has been on the cards for an obscene amount of time – dating all the way back to 1996! With different writers and different concepts for who should play Wonder Woman (including Mariah Carey (WTF!), Lucy Lawless and even Sandra Bullock) it’s surprising we ever got to see the movie. Joss Whedon even wrote a screenplay for the film, but left the project in 2007.

Thankfully, Patty Jenkins (other films include Monster and TV shows such as Arrested Development) was hired to direct the film, based on a screenplay by Allan Heinberg and a story co-written by Heinberg, Zack Snyder, Geoff Johns and Jason Fuchs.

The film pays homage to the original comics and TV show (starring Lynda Carter) with touches like the lasso of truth, that glows brightly throughout ensuring characters tell the truth whenever wrapped in it.


It has to be said that several scenes look absolutely stunning; especially action sequences that use slow motion effects at its best – Wonder Woman spins in the air, twirls round to reach enemies and crashes down with ultimate power that looks contrastingly beautiful as she does so.

One of my favourite scenes happens when Wonder Woman is fed up of the suffering in trenches on the frontline and jumps right into No Man’s Land. The Germans have dominated the area for a long time, with troops unable to make gains due to machine guns and heavily armed soldiers at the other end. Diana simply uses her shield and cuffs to deflect all bullets aimed at her and make her away swiftly across.


She goes on to kill the majority of enemies on her own (helped in part thanks to Steve and his crew) and makes her way onto a village under siege. After some awesome slow motion fighting sequences (I nerdgasmed at her theme music being played while she did it) taking down enemy after enemy, she is being targeted by a sniper in the town square. While Steve (Pine) and his crew are still in awe / unsure whether to doubt her abilities, they rally up to create a step for her to launch herself up at the sniper – we see her spring up and attack the sniper, cut to a wide shot of the building collapsing – Wonder Woman emerging triumphantly.

I adored each and every scene of the movie and was surprised at just how good the film is. Gal looks amazing (the new Wonder Woman outfit stays true to the original with darker colours and more modern look) and everything merges together so well.

Special effects are brilliant; soundtrack is great as well as a good story, fantastic actors and just overall very well made movie. It has its light and dark moments (I found the trenches parts very unsettling and too close to home) and delivers a message of love conquering all, in a non cheesy way…

Wonder Woman is without a doubt, my favourite film of this year. While we haven’t seen the last of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (Justice League is due out later this year) I really hope there is another film. If they even manage to capture just half of the talent that this film has, it will be good to watch. I urge you, see this movie. You’ll be wonderfully glad you did!


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