There and back again: Week One

You may remember me whining about not completing my games (If you haven’t read it, take a look here) and taking a stand to get that sorted within 3 months. So, week one – how far have I come? What progress have I made? Well, like almost anyone who starts a diet, the first week is always hard…


I feel like I need to start my posts like the beginning of Bridget Jones’s Diary (Number of cigarettes… weight… etc) so I will:

Number of games to play: 15

Number of games left to play after week one: 15 (still!)

Trophies gained: 1

Overall week play time: Probably an hour at most!

Very bad start to the year… I mean, week. To be honest, I have to share a secret with you. Despite promising I would not buy any more games before I completed the 15 I have, ARMS came out for Nintendo Switch (see my review here). And no, before you jump to conclusions, I did not buy it.


My partner had pre-ordered it for me a long time ago (he’s super nice like that) and I totally forgot.

So while ARMS got a thorough blast through (we also went to Newcastle for the weekend so could take it with us) my PS4 games got neglected once again.


I did manage to get a trophy whilst playing through Injustice 2 (think it was for opening a certain amount of boxes) but overall I’ve not made much progress…


Even though I am a little behind with my blogging and my gaming, I shall persevere! Next week I am determined to make better progress, after all time is ticking and I have 15 games to complete in less than 3 months. I may need to give up on sleep, not be sociable (not that I am anyway) and possibly take 3 months off from work… Though I doubt any of that will happen! I just need to go find that controller and get stuck in…

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