#Ruview Episode 11 Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 9

*Warning spoilers ahead*

We now have our top four queens thanks to episode 11 of Rupaul’s Drag Race. I seriously doubt Valentina will get a comeback, I’m still hoping though, as all good things must end as the final lap is now in sight. Are our top four, the fab four?


Mini challenge this week was the infamous puppets (apparently everybody loves puppets) where queens must makeover puppet version of the other queens and perform a short show with them. There isn’t much for me to say as most of the queens did a good job (Alexis once again didn’t do very well; her jokes were flatter than a pancake despite stating she knew she needed to step things up) and Sasha came out on top – giving a witty and clever comedy sketch of her version of Alexis. Pure brilliance.

The main challenge – titled Gayest Ball Ever – has the queens design outfits for three different categories – Rainbow-She-Better-Do, Sexy Unicorn, and Village People Eleganza Extravaganza, as well as having to create their own gymnastics routine. It’s a great challenge for the queens to show off all of their skills to create three unique looks and wow the judges to earn their place in the final race. Trinity once again managed to create 3 brilliant looks particularly her police Village People person that gave me the impression of a hot police officer of the future. Sasha also performed well as her Sexy Unicorn stood out a million miles better than her competition donning a traditional style.


Shea Coulee had some nice looks too particularly for me, she looked stunning with a short clam shell wig but the dress she chose for her Rainbow-She-Better-Do look was a poor choice. Her Village People builder look was so well put together – the cape made from shirts was simply divine. Not since Fifth Harmony’s Work from Home have we ever seen a queen look so cute as a builder…

Guest judges this week included actress Andie MacDowell (I love her, naturally) and model Joan Smalls (my partner asked if she is Naomi Smalls mum when we heard that Joan will be a guest judge as we had no clue as to who she is).


I felt like Trinity or Sasha should have taken the win but Shea came through. Alexis and Peppermint wound up in the bottom two before Alexis (AKA this year’s Roxxy Andrews) sashayed away. In her defence, both delivered a strong lip sync to Village People’s Macho Man.


Our final four: Trinity Taylor, Peppermint, Sasha Velour and Shea Coulee. I’d like Sasha to take the crown but I have a sneaking feeling that Trinity may snatch it – the queen I originally thought would be first to go! Shows how much I know. Who do you think will win? Come back next week for Ruview episode 12!

4 thoughts on “#Ruview Episode 11 Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 9

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  1. What an episode!
    Everybody Loves Puppets (along with the Reading Challenge)
    are 2 no brainer fan favorites. It was the 2nd 1/2 of the episode
    that got really crunchy. Alexis & Peppermint were WAAAAAAAY
    out of their league. This is the episode we actually NEEDED
    Nina Bo’Nina to save the day! (Just like the Snatch Game) Her
    3 runway looks would have been next level & actually made this
    home stretch actually seem like a competition, now we are just
    coasting on auto-pilot (just like All-Stars 2) the season of the
    filler queens is almost over & the cream always rises to the top.

    Also never heard of Joan Smalls lol.

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  2. Was Nina your favourite to win? I liked Nina, but I did feel her looks were very samey.. she obviously has talent and seems like she has a lot to offer, just a shame she was in her own head a lot…. Who you backing to win now?

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  3. Nina unleashed her inner saboteur & those Thigh High Boots!
    Team Shea all the way, Nina gets mad props, but was WAAAYY
    too Emo/ Art School for the Gauntlet. Any real artist is going to
    take these criticisms harder than someone who is faking it, (or
    pumping their body full of injectables) sends bad vibes to youth.

    If your “talent” requires a Plastic Surgeon you are NOT doing Drag.

    Happy if Sasha wins it, but in the US right now what Shea represents
    is Black Excellence, & her light is shining very bright, love the Sasha &
    Shea double-act & see them working together long into the future.

    p.s. no shade to Joan Smalls, any relation to Naomi? lol

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  4. The Shea / Sasha double act is lethal – they killed each time they were together and it was fun to see!

    How did Alexis manage to get so far in the competition? She, like Farrah Moan were so bad at almost everything. Is it because we are now so used to Drag Race and all it entails that we expect such high calibre queens with awesome looks and talent to boot?

    I’m backing Sasha or Shea for the win.

    Though I’m still unhappy that Valentina had one rough week and she was booted 😦

    I think Naomi Smalls stole Joan Small’s legs – Joan’s were 12ft in length to begin with but Naomi stole half…. 😛


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