#Ruview Episode 10 of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 9

*Warning spoilers ahead*

You know I’ve been saying Nina Bo’Nina needs to quit her whining and get on with the race? In episode 10, she seems to be on whiney overload. And ultimately, has paid the price because of it. This is season 9 – aint nobody got time for that!


No mini challenge this week, as the main challenge is a doozy – to drag up a member of Rupaul’s crew! Now obviously we don’t usually get to see who is behind the camera and the queens do, so it’s interesting to see.

Now, usually on the makeover challenge, the queens struggle to do their sister’s make up and achieve their overall look this time, most of the queens did well however, Shea’s makeover wasn’t executed properly as her sister’s wig seemed to have a life of its own on the runway and her hair line / bra straps were clearly visible. A huge Michelle Visage no-no.


My favourite makeover look was Sasha Velour’s. She not only recreated her look on her sister perfectly, but her sister also exuded Sasha’s overall persona.

Nina Bo’Nina went for her typical animal make up with 3D parts stuck to her face and her sister’s. I’m sick of seeing that she can only manage one sort of look – do something other than animal or skeletons!

Alexis did a good job, but her look was rather dull. You’re supposed to be a drag queen bitch! Stand out or bow out. Episode 10 is not the time to fade into the background, it’s also not the time to learn how to sew, Nina!

From the very beginning of the episode, Nina Bo’Nina was defeated after being in the bottom 2 of the last episode, despite obviously surviving and getting through. Something Trinity pointed out that she doesn’t have time for… And neither do I.


Guest judges this week included Kesha (I thought the queens would be lip syncing to one of her songs, but no I was wrong as it’s Demi Lovato’s Cool for the Summer) and Zaldy (fashion designer).


Winner this week was Trinity Taylor – who has surpassed everyone’s expectations and done amazingly well in the competition, I will freely admit I was wrong about her and pleased at how well she has done.


Shea and Nina Bo’Nina found themselves in the bottom two (Alexis was lucky she wasn’t in the bottom) and Nina seemed to give up entirely just like Charlie Hides did… Needless to say she sashayed away.

Bye Nina!

I’m still hoping Ru decides one of the queens should come back – I’m still hurting over Valentina’s exit so make it happen next week! Check back here for #Ruview episode 11!

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