E3 wishlist

The biggest event in gaming is now just a few weeks away, kicking off from 13th June; I’m hoping to give some excellent coverage in case you miss anything. Games companies have already released their line ups, so here is my wish list to hear from at E3.

animal crossing

Animal Crossing for Switch

We know Nintendo is planning to release Animal Crossing for mobile, following in footsteps (should that be paw prints?) with the likes of Mario Run but the game has been delayed until later this year. In a statement, a spokesperson for Nintendo said:

We have revised the release schedule for Animal Crossing, which we had originally planned to release during this period. This title will be released during the next fiscal year.

I’m not a massive fan of mobile games anyway so I’m hoping for Animal Crossing to make it’s way over to Switch, allowing for better graphics, more stuff to do and ultimately, a new town to get stuck into! There needs to be a big leap from the tired concept that hasn’t massively changed much since the Nintendo 64 version – so I’d love a radical overhaul that keeps in with the same cute magical qualities that made the game so good first time round.

I doubt it will happen, as Animal Crossing on mobile will be the focus but could be tied in with a new game for consoles too.


Silent Hill

This has as much of a chance as Rolf Harris has of making a comeback to television, but still I can dream right?!

Konami have been really quiet since they cancelled the ill fated Silent Hills in 2015 (It’s still raw) but Super Bomberman R was released in March 2017 for the Nintendo Switch had sold over 76,801 copies in its first week. These positive sales numbers prompted Konami to publicly announce that they would be reviving some of the company’s other well known video game titles – surely Silent Hill must be one of them?

We last had a new console game in 2012 with Silent Hill: Downpour. Now I wasn’t overly impressed with Downpour – it felt like the game had only gone part the way it could be pushed…

Then in 2015 Silent Hills wowed us with the brilliant trailer and P.T (Playable Teaser) that really showed how terrifying Silent Hill could be on a new generation machines. However, Konami swiftly canned Silent Hills after Hideo Kojima had a bit of a fallout and outraged in the gaming community ensued.

I think the most frustrating part of this is the fact that Hideo Kojima was working with horror director Guilmero Del Toro and Norman Reedus (Walking Dead) was on board too – it just seemed the key ingredients were there to make a truly spectacular Silent Hill. The trailer looked amazing and P.T was the most horrific thing I have ever played. Please Konami, just consider the success of P.T and make Silent Hills a game once again!


New Zelda

Now this is a little premature considering the recent Breath of the Wild title, but I’d love to see some sort of spin off title for the Switch – my idea would be a title with Zelda herself as the playable character – maybe in the run up to the events of what happened with Calamity Ganon?

I know it wouldn’t happen so soon, but I’m still riding high from Breath of the Wild and I want more!


Timesplitters 4

There’s a bit of a theme here, this will probably never happen. Free Radical (some of the guys behind the likes of Goldeneye set up their own team) went into administration in 2008 but was bought by Crytek UK and at the time, Timesplitters 4 was still in development. However, on 27 April 2012, a spokesperson from Crytek confirmed that Timesplitters 4 was “not in development”.

It’s a shame really as I know the last title, Future Perfect didn’t sell as anticipated, I know there a lot of fans who want to see Timesplitters for the new generation of consoles.

It’s one of the few FPS I actually liked and while the market is saturated I still feel there is room for this type of shooter.


More Resident Evil

I wasn’t a fan of Resident Evil 7- I played the demo and liked the idea; I just don’t like games in general that are in first person. Especially as the series have built their games with third person characters that I want to play as – Jill Valentine every time! So it annoyed me that the way of playing Resident Evil had changed.

I’d like another Revelations 2 game as they were absolutely outstanding – the perfect mix of horror and action that had evolved the story and included characters I never thought we’d get to play as again (Barry Burton, hello!). Gameplay was tweaked to include modern day gaming ideas and generally was a joy to play.

Revelations 3 please, Capcom?


Kingdom Hearts 3

Now this might actually make an appearance. After many delays and very few details, the third chapter in Kingdom Hearts has been a long time coming but with a release date of winter this year, Square Enix should be showcasing some more gameplay. I’d be surprised if there weren’t playable demos on the floor.

It’s been too long since the proper sequel to an ageing PS2 title (No more HD remasters please!) so Kingdom Hearts 3 needs to be good and needs to be out soon!

Do you agree with my list? Are there any games I’ve missed out on? What’s your wish list for E3? Let me know in the comments!

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