#Ruview Episode 9 of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 9

*Warning spoilers ahead*

This Ruview will be short but not sweet! I, like many fans of Drag Race, feel outraged that one of the best queens of this season has been eliminated. I knew it was the first stage of failure which began with that mask. Now the proverbial mask has slipped and our queen has gone…

Let’s get right down to it, racers as I need to express my point of view. This week, the queens were challenged to create and star in their own TV pilots (no mini challenge this week FYI) Sasha and Shea quickly formed a duo as did Trinity, Alexis and Peppermint forming a trio – leaving Nina Bo Nina and Valentina to form a duo. Nina did her usual, yuck face.


The queens did ok in the challenge – though once again the fatal pairing of Sasha and Shea enabled the duo to storm their way to victory with an awesome throwback show around a fierce 70’s diva from Shea and an awesome Russian character (both my partner and I said it’s not a good idea to encroach on Katya’s style but she pulled it off) from Sasha. Their pilot was easily the funniest and well thought through. As did Trinity’s trio.

It didn’t come across quite as well for Valentina and Nina who seemed very unprepared and mostly ad libbed most the way through their pilot. But still was funny to watch.

I must say Nina is starting to drive me mad – her paranoia surrounding the other girls is utterly frustrating and uncalled for (I haven’t watch untucked if there is anything going on then) that she thinks other queens are saying things behind her back whilst in the work room get over it, Nina! Even if they are saying shit about you, don’t let it show that it bothers you!


I have no clue who the guest judges are (Lisa Robertson & Noah Galvin) so the runway look this week was Club Kid Couture – and we saw some of the best looks all around for all season! I loved Peppermint’s red and white lollipop dramatic look and awesome make up from Sasha as per usual. Alexis’ look seemed halfway there but still great to see. Worst for me was Nina Bo ‘Nina – I’m bored of the skeletal thing she keeps doing.


I was sad to see Valentina and Nina Bo ’Nina in the bottom but they did deserve to be there – Sasha and Shea won the challenge, unsurprisingly. Ru needs to ensure they don’t work together in future collaboration challenges to see if they can outshine each other.

Now, the lip sync…

Because Valentina was wearing a mask piece covering her mouth, we expected her to whip it off as soon as the song started. She didn’t. Even Michelle Visage and guest judge Noah (who?!) were commenting she should take it off and still she didn’t.

Then Rupaul stopped the lip sync and did not look happy when Valentina first refused to remove the mask. She eventually took it off and the lip sync started again. It was clear she did not know the words to Ariana Grande’s Greedy – so her fate was sealed.


I just wish she would have learnt the words properly and she wouldn’t have gone. It was so disappointing to watch. Almost as bad when Charlie Hides just gave up during the lip sync! Still, I reckon I smell a comeback queen or at the very least, All Stars 3. Please make It so, Ru?

Seems whichever queen I name as one I’m rooting for, goes the next week. So rather than saying who I would like to win, I shall say who I wish to leave – I’m sorry but Nina Bo’ Nina you’re next! Come back next week for my #Ruview of episode 10 as we continue to countdown to the crown.

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