#Ruview Episode 8

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead*

Other than Snatch Game, the next best challenge must be Reading so for this episode you better fetch those glasses and get ready to deliver some sass, gurl!


Yes, the library is open and if you don’t know what Reading is (Note It’s fundamental) I think the idea came from a documentary named “Paris is Burning” (Ru states each reading episode, “In the great tradition of Paris is Burning…) which focuses on some of the original queens in the 80’s that hold pageants, competitions and of course, the ability to “read” other contestants – usually insulting them in a funny way. It’s something drag queens have developed to a high standard, to throw “shade” and read each other “to filth”.


I don’t think any of the queens this season were particularly good at it as it’s a skill to read, to come across as funny & shady rather than just insulting the person in question. So, when a few of the queens came for Alexis Michelle just for her size, she felt insulted. But this is just silly – the queens will go for whatever they can in the challenge and while I know it’s not nice to make fun of people’s size (I don’t think Alexis Michelle has anything to worry about she isn’t fat at all) and know what it feels like to feel insecure- this is Rupaul’s Drag Race. You need Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent. Leave your hang-ups at the door, Alexis and get on with the race!


Main challenge this week is the Rupaul Roast (this has been done in other seasons) where queen’s must “roast” or basically make fun of Rupaul herself in a comedy segment in front of a live audience as well as the judges. Although this time, Rupaul informs the queens that they will be roasting the other judge, Michelle Visage and she doesn’t have any idea about it! This is a lot more challenging and ultimately, funnier but once again some queens really struggled to pull it off and others shone.

While I have met Michelle Visage (She is lovely and very down to earth) I think she has a thick skin even though when some queens in the past have wrongly chosen to make comments about her she doesn’t seem to forget!

Shea Coulee opened the show (Valentina picked the ordering after winning the reading challenge) and really surprised me at how funny she is. Simple things like when she said, “If you like me my name is Shea Coulee and if you don’t my name is Nina Bo Nina Brown”. Her jokes were simple funny and swiftly dealt.


Other queens really struggled like Farrah Moan (why is she still in the race?!) who seemed to think roasting meant to just stand there and insult people. Her jokes weren’t funny, mostly just insulting Rupaul instead of Michelle Visage (not a good idea to do when Rupaul is the one you need to impress!) and were just generally rubbish overall. It felt uncomfortable to watch.

Episode 8_MyGaymer

Other stand outs include Peppermint and Sasha Velour who used her intellect to inject humour in a clever way. Alexis Michelle struggled to land a single punch line (she even tried to make a joke of guest judge Tamar Braxton that didn’t work out) and Trinity also seemed to struggle which surprised me as she has outperformed my expectations in each of the previous challenges so in this, I thought she’d deliver the same. Only she didn’t.

Bottom two this week were Farrah and Alexis. Surprisingly!


While I know, comedy isn’t easy, the queens should have picked up the pointers judge Ross Mathews gave whilst in the work room – he specifically told Farrah she should try complimenting Michelle before landing a joke to combat Farrah’s concern at coming across as “mean”. Something like “I love Michelle Visage but…” etc. She didn’t listen, hence ending in the bottom two and being booted from the show.

As mentioned, I understand that comedy isn’t easy. Yet these queens are entertainers, they should know how to make people laugh and put on a show! Still, I’m glad Farrah has gone. She wasn’t particularly talented in any of the challenges so as the competition nears its end, she was bound to go. I just wish it was sooner! Not long left in the race – who is your favourite queen? Come back here for Ruview of episode 9 next week!

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