Ruview episodes 6 & 7 of Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 9

*Warning spoilers ahead*

Snatch Game is finally here! Time to step your pussy up and show off all you can offer. It’s the challenge that will make queens either thrive or flounder and this season is no different, delivering some stand out performances as well as some, you’d wish needn’t have bothered. I’m running a little behind so the #Ruview of Episode 7 is thrown in here for good measure so tighten your tucks as we have a lot to get through!


I love Snatch Game every season I feel like it’s the challenge that pushes the queens to their absolute limits and won’t take any prisoners. Not only do the queens need to fully realise their character, they must impersonate whilst remaining quick witted, delivering joke after joke to keep us entertained. Naturally, some queens really struggle and others take to it.


Stand outs include Sasha Velour as Marlene Dietrich – her accent was spot on and whilst her jokes weren’t belly laugh hilarious, they were on point and solid throughout. It’s surprising how well she did do – Ru wasn’t keen on the idea but Sasha managed to really pull it off. Other standouts include Alexis Michelle as Liza Minelli – simply perfection, right down to her raspy laugh. Cynthia tried impersonating Sofia Vergara but ended up just being herself and not in a good way. Major fail!


Runway category was Night of a thousand Madonnas Part 2. Can you remember the challenge in Season 8? Well you’d think the queens this season would have learnt that the copycat kimono look in 8 was overdone – Ru even mentioned to the queens not to do it  and yet, some queens had the same look! How does this even happen? Surely there are literally hundreds of looks Madonna has given us – she built her career around the ability to change looks and the queens come up with the same outfits? They should have gone with another idea. Full stop!

Any who, Cynthia ended going (hopefully she won’t be returning) and Alexis came out on top. Not the best Snatch Game we’ve ever had but not terrible either.



For episode 7, the challenge was 90210-HO to act in a classic 90’s school drama. For some reason, when Peppermint was picking roles Aja got sour faced as being cast the older character (even as Peppermint pointed out would have more lines) instead she wanted to be the bitchy character which Shea Coulee switched her role with. Do we sense disaster?


Guest judges were Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth who directed the high school drama. Some really took to it well like Trinity who continues to surprise me (after my prediction that she would be one of the first queens to go) and Valentina once again shone through as a professional and entertaining actress. Others seem to fall flat bet you can’t guess who? Aja was awful as a bitchy queen – it’s like she sealed her own fate by throwing a hissy fit over the roles. Ce La Vie!

I liked most of the runway looks – Big hair everywhere some favourites include Valentina and Trinity. But as my partner pointed out, drag queens should have big hair regardless (not that drag must be a certain way, it’s just that, we want a drag queen to ham it up with their looks – especially big hair, we are queens after all).

Aja and Nina Bo’Nina Brown ended up in the bottom two with Aja finally being booted from the show. Winner Trinity was much deserved this week!

So, episode 7 come and gone already! After impressing me week on week, I’m backing Valentina for the win. She has funny one liners in the interviews and does well in all challenges – will she be able to shine in the comedy roast of Rupaul? Find out here next week for my #Ruview!

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