Life after Zelda: Breath of the Wild

They say all good things come to an end, what happens after that? When you finish an epic journey on such a scale that heightens your emotions the downturn is inevitably going to be drastic. With any form of media I enjoy I find myself feeling deflated when it ends but with games, I find myself even more downhearted. I always ask, what’s next?


A while ago, I promised 2 reviews of Zelda: BotW – one spoiler free (which you can read here) and another not so spoiler free. I waited until I had finished Zelda: BotW to write the not so spoiler free review but realised I didn’t really want to repeat myself with another review of the same game (It would have had a lot more detail and spoilers in terms of story, but my overall opinion would still be the same).  A week or so ago, I finally finished Zelda, well the story at least after defeating Calamity Ganon. So what now?


While the game is epic with a lot of stuff to do – Towers to find, Shrines to complete, Korok seeds to locate, weapons to find, areas to explore etc. The problem is, once you have completed the story, there isn’t really anything to go back for. For example, now I have defeated Calamity Ganon (though oddly, if you load your game afterwards you start just before entering to defeat him) I don’t feel the need to find the Korok Seeds, or complete all of the shrines. What’s the point? For the completists out there this may be enough to keep them playing but for people like me, the replay ability for Zelda:BotW is very low.


It doesn’t take away any of the greatness from the game, it’s just what do I do now I have completed the story? Sure I could try another game (plenty out for the Nintendo Switch) but the fact is, I have enjoyed playing Zelda, other games don’t compare to the experience I am seeking. I have even tried playing other games on PS4 – but none interest me at the moment. (I even have several games not played that I’ve purchased).


This isn’t just a whine from me, I’m trying to say that great games developers still need to think of the replayability value in their games. Sure extra modes are nice, but what can you do when the story is over in the main game? Extra stories or more content should be unlocked to reward the player surely? And before you say it, I know a lot of games do, as well as DLC – I’d just like a little more story after I’ve completed the main one to satisfy my lust for more of the main game.

I guess the child in me isn’t happy that I’ve finished Zelda and feels a bit sulky. Still, not long to wait until Mario Kart…. So maybe that will fill the void?

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      1. If we are talking Nintendo, I will say Shovel Knight. Shovel Knight is fun and the replayability is really high. In vain of Breath of the Wild, I would say Twilight Princess and Wind Waker. The reason I bring these games up are because there are many references in BOTW to those games and I feel replay these games will help gamers mentally unlock more Easter Eggs in BOTW. For some reason I believe Nintendo has created a link (no pun intended) in their new game that would drum up interest in the earlier installments.


  1. I can see where you’re coming from. Personally, once I finish a game’s campaign, I have very little motivation to jump back into things for a while. This is why I spent 120+ hours doing all the shine quests and as many side missions as I possibly could before facing Ganon. However, I’m really glad that Nintendo is planning to release DLC throughout the year for the game and can’t wait to see what sort of story DLC we get come winter 😀

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