Rupaul’s Drag Race, Season 9 Episode 4 #Ruview

*Warning Spoilers Ahead*

Another week, another new Drag Race episode, so it can only mean one thing: Ruview episode 4! Though, as the competition progresses, things don’t feel as fierce as other series did, especially after such an explosive first episode…

Episode 4_MyGaymer

No mini challenge yet again this week and for the main challenge, our queens are split into two teams to host “live” morning talk shows. Though this feels a little bit too familiar to the anchor news challenge from Season 3. Has it been Ru-cycled maybe? #JustSaying

Aja and Trinity are both captains, taking very different approaches to leading their teams. Trinity seems to have issues with the way the team talk to each other – introducing a hand signal system to help but Eureka, surprisingly, isn’t happy with it. Yawn! While they have both contested that they have issues with one another outside the show – whatever it is, they need to suck it up and shut it up! It’s uncomfortable as a viewer to watch them get each other’s backs up for doing absolutely nothing. For example, Eureka calls Trinity out while on the main stage for no reason except to be a bitch. Eureka has gone down in my estimations.

In the morning chat show, Peppermint floundered and worse still, Charlie Hides struggled with nerves and stuck to her cue cards like glue which came across badly. Her teammate, Cynthia rose above and remained campy, fun yet still professional.

Both teams didn’t do massively well, but Trinity’s was the worst partly due to Charlie speaking over the guest (Naya Riviera from Glee, who looks like she’s had far too much surgery – I didn’t recognise her at first!) and cutting short the interview without saying a goodbye. Awkward!


Runway theme was Naughty Nighties – pretty much same sort of look all round. Shout out to Valentina looking stunning and Sasha with some awesome make up. The rest were rather dull even Eureka’s dominatrix style outfit didn’t crack the whip! Not surprisingly Aja’s team won the challenge with Sasha and Shea Coulee coming out on top. Bottom two were Charlie Hides and Trinity.

Charlie Hides_MyGaymer

Now, the lip sync. My word! Charlie shouldn’t have even bothered though he did say in his pieces to camera that he doesn’t lip sync and would fail if he ended up in the bottom two. Yet, to not try at all was so disappointing! Britney Spears’ track “I Wanna Go” blared out as Charlie just stood there. He was almost as lifeless as Britney in her performances! Especially in comparison to Trinity who danced and synced the house down…. As other contenders shouted to try and make Charlie do something she did not! She sashayed away you’ll doubtless be surprised to hear.

Episode 4-MyGaymer

I must say something about the grand high bitch herself, Rupaul. Her look this week was appalling! What is with that cheap looking wig and awful dress? I love you Rupaul, but this is bad!!!

A friend of mine asked me if I thought Rupaul’s Drag Race has had its day. I don’t necessarily think it has (season 10 has just been confirmed so we will be having more Drag Race in the future) I just think this season is a poor choice of queens. They aren’t talented, they aren’t entertaining and it feels too much style over substance (though many of our queens seem to lack style too!). Maybe next week will be better?

Check back here for my Ruview of episode 5.


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