Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 9, #Ruview Episode 3

*Warning spoilers ahead*

It looks like my gay prayers from last week (see my Ruview of Episode 2 here) have been answered as this week our queens get to compete in a creative task! Hurray! Just hold your horses my squirrel friends, as creative this episode is, it proves you can’t create talent in Rupaul’s Drag Race, Series 9, Episode 3.

Jaymes Mansfield was booted from the last show, yet still the queens seemed intent on slating her as they read the lipstick message left on the mirror, as per Rupaul tradition. Just not traditional to bully and slate a fellow queen in a brutal way. Such lovely queens we have this season!


Fairy-tale theme this week (no mini challenge once again just FYI), where queens must create a princess persona along with a sidekick for the runway – an easy challenge surely? Though, most seemed to struggle. Eureka had the unusual idea of a sewer rat princess (?) that the other queens scoffed at. But her look was one of the strongest out of a bad bunch!

It brings me to my point that this episode (and this season) contains hardly any likeable queens. Sure I’m rooting for Charlie Hides, but the others have dull personalities, lack talent and just don’t come across very well. I’m hoping it will pick up, that the queens will emerge into their own and prove me wrong.

We have the wonderfully talented Todrick Hall and the very handsome Cheynne Jackson as guest judges this week, just a shame they’re on a crap episode.


Trinity Taylor won the challenge, surprisingly but only due to her sidekick character providing the most laughs. I must point out that I don’t like Trinity. She acts like a complete bitch and I find her looks and overall persona so uninspiring. Still, she’s done a lot better than I predicted – I said originally here that she’d be one of the first to go!


Aja and Kimora Blac were in the bottom 2, though they were lacking any real energy in the lip sync and both my partner and I thought there would be the second double elimination of the entire series. But no, Kimora got the boot – something I was surprised with as initially, I thought this bitch would do well.

I just want the queens this season to dazzle me. I want to see Charisma, Uniqueness Nerve and Talent like never before. I don’t want a bunch of talentless queens who think they have made it already just because they have made it on the show. We want more! A lot more. Make it work Season 9 bitches. Or there’ll be hell to pay!

See my Ruview of episode 4, next week!

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