Rupaul’s Drag Race Series 9, #Ruview Episode 2 Ruview

*Warning spoilers ahead*

First episode, we had Gaga (Cue angelic “ahhhs”). This time we have the fabulous Lisa Kudrow (AKA Phoebe from Friends) and erm, The B-52s? Bit of a contrast certainly, but after the first episode being so explosive, there was a very high bar set, so naturally the episode following it wouldn’t be near as good. It’s just disappointing this time round that the challenge was a little dull, the “revelation” of the 14th queen and well, no GaGa.


Even though it was leaked a long time ago, Cynthia Lee Fontaine (from season 8) is back in the race. I think this was due to having liver cancer (either during her season or just after) and Mamma Ru has given her a second chance to shine. Her hair & sparkly outfit was stunning – I’m just not sure how I feel about her coming back (I hate when queens come back anyway except if it’s for All-stars or a full season). Still she’s back and hasn’t forgotten her phrase CuCu.

Lisa Kudrow_MyGaymer

For some reason, Lisa Kudrow wasn’t a guest judge – she came into the work room and said Rupaul’s catch phrase of “Hello, hello, hello” and followed by Rupaul herself. The queens naturally lost their shit but then Lisa, just came to say hello. Very odd!


No mini challenge again this week – not too sure why maybe there won’t be any this season? Maxi challenge is to work in a team to create a cheer routine to outcheer the other. All I can say to this is yawn. Maybe because it’s an American thing, but I just didn’t find this challenge entertaining. I’ll keep my Ruview short by saying Valentina stood out for me in this challenge as she gave the best face. At all times! Jaymes Mansfield once again floundered and didn’t seem to know what she was doing. Both Eureka and Trinity surprised me and stood out as well, even though I doubted them.

White Party was the theme for the runway looks this episode (we finally get to see Ru in drag looking stunning as per usual) and I must say some very strong looks from all the queens – standouts include Charlie Hides stunning winter temptress look, Trinity’s latex dream that gave a very strong similarity to former Drag Race Queen Detox- that isn’t a bad thing! And Valentina looking stunning in a Latina wedding dress. Worst by far was Jaymes & Kimora Blac.

Valentina snatched the win this time (rightly so) guess who was in the bottom two and first to lip sync this season? Unsurprisingly to “Love shack” and neither did very well in my eyes – both were lifeless and dull performances. If I was Ru, I would have sent them both packing but Jaymes was first to be eliminated.

It was never going to be as good as the first episode, yet this one just felt like a massive anti-climax. I really hope the next episode the queens are challenged with something that can show who they are creatively as I feel we aren’t getting to know them as we should. I’m still routing for Charlie Hides and hoping Nina continues to shine! Come on Season 9 – get sickening!


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