Rupaul’s Drag Race Series 9, Episode 1 Ruview

*WARNING Spoilers ahead*

Oh, my GaGa! Rupaul’s Drag Race has glitzed its way back on to our screens (back on our screens via Netflix – you can see the news here if needed) with the usual explosion of glam, glitter and our new queens have the sensational Lady GaGa  added to the Rupaul mix!


The explosive AllStars 2 was beyond brilliant. I wondered if Rupaul would be able to deliver with the new season and believe me, the queen bitch does not disappoint! 13 new queens arrive for Season 9 (I originally gave my thoughts on the queens if you’d care to compare here) and they are:


  • Aja
  • Alexis Michelle
  • Charlie Hides
  • Eureka
  • Farrah Moan
  • Jaymes Mansfield
  • Kimora Blac
  • Nina Bo’Nina Brown
  • Peppermint
  • Sasha Velour
  • Shea Coulee
  • Trinity Taylor
  • Valentina

The Series starts with the usual entrances as introductions to the queens, though hardly any had sharp witted one liners (In fact, Sasha Velour just screamed) some stand out moments include: Charlie Hides outfit (enlarged sunglasses on string) and Eureka delivering shade on a platter:


(Eureka speaking to Jaymes Mansfield) “How much is fake?”

(Jaymes) “About a foot all the way up”

(Eureka) “I meant your personality” Oh. My. GaGa. THE SHADE!

13 of them Shantay into the work room and a 14th queen enters, she looks overwhelmingly like Lady GaGa. As you may not have guessed already, it is the real Lady GaGa. She even does a piece to camera like the other queens as “Ronnie” in her interview as a contestant.

Que emotional breakdowns from all the queens as Lady GaGa reveals herself – particularly a heartfelt sentiment from Eureka stating GaGa had “Literally brought me from the brink of death” and allows drag queens to be who they are. It was touching and genuine which I think Lady GaGa felt too.

Enter Rupaul, who gives the “Hello, hello hello!” to the new queens. Challenge this week consisted of the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent pageant – one look to represent their hometown and one Lady GaGa look. Both my partner and I agreed a queen needed to do GaGa’s infamous meat dress but sadly, none of them did.

Instead, strong looks from Nina Bo’ Nina Brown and from Eureka in both parts of the challenge. Worse was by far Jaymes Mansfield (boring on both accounts) and surprisingly Trinity Taylor’s looks weren’t too bad as I had originally predicted. Disappointingly, Charlie Hides hometown look wasn’t of the UK and had an awkward tear away reveal of her outfit that didn’t really work.


No lip sync this week as no queen was sent home, Nina Bo’ Nina Brown taking the first (much deserved) win. No bottom queens (excuse the pun) were revealed.


Interestingly, a 14th queen was announced to be joining the show – but we never got to see her face (to be revealed next week) but the internet is abuzz with reports of it being Cynthia (Cucu) from season 8, due to recovering from cancer, Rupaul is giving her another shot at Drag Race fame. Whether this is Cynthia or not, it hasn’t been confirmed but seems overwhelmingly likely.


Episode one is a very strong start to the new series, Lady GaGa added her legendary grace and beauty but I did feel something was missing throughout. For some reason Rupaul didn’t appear in drag (even when judging on the main stage) and probably the lack of lip sync was the missing component, yet I felt like I was still gagging for more… (nothing to do with the fact that I’m obsessed with the show!).

I’m looking forward to the next episode, certainly. Still, those new queens need to bring their A game, this is season 9 after all. Let’s get sickening episode two…!


Check back this time next week for my Ruview of episode 2

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