Resident Evil 7 woes

When I saw the trailer for Resident Evil 7 at E3 2016 and discovering the demo would available on the Playstation store from midnight I immediately wanted to play it (I Loved the theme tune to the trailer too). But after playing it, I was impressed and also very worried. Capcom, what have you done?

I felt that Capcom had finally got Resident Evil right with Revelations 2. It was the perfect blend of horror, puzzling and story that mixed old characters and new wonderfully together to create a game that was thrilling to play and the episodic format worked brilliantly.


Then Resident Evil 7 came along and “rebooted” the series. The game is in first person (major gripe for me as I just don’t like first person based games) but also the game would make use of VR (another grumble from me). I understand why they would want Resident Evil to move towards VR as the potential to be very scary with a whole new experience – I just think it alienates fans of the series that, like me, enjoyed playing third person as one of the beloved characters.

I’m sure many fans of the game will disagree with me and like the new format. I just know there are other fans that accepted Resident Evil for what it was. It was never perfect nor was it the greatest game series – each game certainly had their flaws and it’s not like I’m opposed to new ideas / features – I actually preferred the move to more action orientated game as in Resident Evil 4. Just they didn’t do away with third person. Or add VR….

Revelations is being made available for PS4 / Xbox One came as no surprise, so many other titles have made the leap in the Resident Evil series, surely this must mean that fans want a game in this older format as opposed to VR?


As a big fan of the series, I have purchased all Resident Evil games near enough on release with the exception of Resident Evil 7. I have only played the demo but won’t be buying the full game – even when it does come down in price. I just hope further games won’t be VR or first person so I can enjoy Resi once again…

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