Snipperclips Review

Format: Nintendo Switch

“Aww look how cute they are!” is probably one of the many things you’ll hear people say whilst playing Snipperclips. Yes, they are cute, but there is much more to this game than just cute looks alone. Many speculated about the line-up of launch games for the Switch (Snipperclips was due out at the end of March 2017) and moaned at the 5 being made available (Though how you can moan at Zelda is beyond me) though it actually turned out to be 10 (and loads more in Japan!). The game everyone wants is Zelda but don’t underestimate Snipperclips.

If you like your games cute, charming and wacky then this fun little puzzler may be right up your street. Though the game works best with 2 players, as you control either Snip or Clip – oval like shapes that can be cut into other shapes as required. Controlling the characters in single player makes things a little more difficult, as you need another person to help come up with the solutions to the problems in the different stages.


To begin with challenges are quite simple – a couple of snips from each player to form a shape and voila! We have a new shape. Later levels require a lot more thinking such as working together to get a ball into a net – it required one character to be snipped into a sort of egg cup shape and the other to be used to stand on to reach the net itself (there are multiple ways this could have been done my partner and I decided the egg cup shape would be the best option).


It all probably sounds incredibly easy and silly – which it is! But Snipperclips has the ability to create that sense of working together as a team can achieve the goal. You’ll soon be shouting at your team mate, laughing at the cute faces that Snip and Clip pull – especially after being cut.


The graphics are bright but simple. They work much better on a bigger screen as opposed to in handheld mode. Music is a little annoying – I prefer to listen to my own music as I play Snipperclips with my partner – maybe with a drink or two…

Snipperclips is a delightful, challenging and ultimately fun game to play. Like most things in life, it is much better played with friends, but is an essential purchase if you own a Switch. Only downside is the price £18.99 seems pretty expensive for what’s on offer here. Maybe snip the price to £15 Nintendo?


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