Incoming: Switch

In just 2 days, the Nintendo Switch will be here and it’s currently affecting my gaming life in the worst way – no games I play will distract me from the idea of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It just looks that beautiful. And news of Edge Magazine scoring the game a perfect 10/10 isn’t surprising it’s fuelling my excitement even more. But, I keep hearing lots of negativity surrounding the console especially from PS4 or Xbox fan pages I follow so here, I take a look at the “negative” aspects of the Switch AKA general whining from uneducated gamers…


Line-up of launch games

I will admit to begin with when I heard the launch line-up of being just 5 games and no Mario, I was surprised and a little disheartened. With the recent announcements of more games being made available and now the icing on the cake- Snipperclips will be available at launch – our total games launch line-up comes to 10! This is a good number of games to launch with. The obvious stellar title being Zelda, but Snipperclips and 1, 2 Switch are both must haves in my eyes. Have you seen the Zelda trailers?



This is what I hear the most grumbles about: the price of the Nintendo Switch. They announced the Switch would be around £250 RRP – this was later confirmed at £280, which is quite expensive but factors such as poor exchange rates and the pound being weaker could be to blame. (Also see memory / extras). Have you seen the Zelda trailers?


Virtual Console Games

No Virtual Console games will be available at launch – this doesn’t make a difference to me, as I will be buying the new console for new games. Not to play retro ones! Sure would be nice to have the option but does it really matter? Have you seen the Zelda trailers?


Internal Memory

Internal memory for the Switch will be just 32GB. This isn’t a lot at all but good news is, can easily be upgraded and cheaply too – I have ordered a Samsung 64GB Micro SD card from Amazon for £17. I think Nintendo didn’t put too much memory into the Switch as it would make the price even higher. This way, consumers can decide just how much external memory they would like – and at what price range they can afford. Anyway have you seen the Zelda trailers?



This astounds me that people are surprised you need to buy certain parts separately (like the Pro Controller) the Switch comes with everything you need right out of the box – a console, Joy Cons, dock and all cables – what more do you need? Yes the controllers can only be charged while docked but how is this even an issue? If it is, simply pick up a cheap cable to charge the Joy Cons separate!



Nintendo Switch is coming March 3rd. It is an impressive piece of kit despite what haters say and many Nintendo fans and newcomers alike will be rejoicing being able to play it. The price, the games and the console itself will be just what it will be – did I mention have you seen the Zelda trailers for it??

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