Top Hunks In Games

It’s shallow to judge people on their aesthetic appeal and worse so when judging the looks of pixels. They aren’t even real but for a bit of fun, here are my favourite gaming hunks:


Snake (Metal Gear Solid series)

Now he looks like the grandfather of gaming, but as consoles evolved and Snake looked more human, I couldn’t help notice how handsome he is (I’m talking Snake Eater onwards mind).

His voice is most obvious appeal for me (Voiced by David Hayter) the gruff, sharp tones make me all a flutter. Watching him sneak around in camouflage is enough to tip anyone red blooded human over the edge (if that’s your thing too).


Bearded Ryu (Street Fighter V)

Now this was a surprise. Ryu was never on my radar, I of course grew up playing the Street Fighter (I always favoured playing as Chun Li) and noticed in Street Fighter V he seemed a lot more bulked out in character design. Then came the revelation of “Bearded Ryu” and I was gobsmacked. He looks completely different & so handsome!

I think the combination of the beard and looking more muscled (I’m not using stupid slang word Hench) adds to his character and has made Ryu grow into a handsome chap indeed! More please!


Chris Redfield (Resident Evil 5)

Similarly to Bearded Ryu, Chris suddenly buffed out (he was always muscled in previous games just not as much) and became a chiselled, hot guy saving the world from an outbreak of whatever Umbrella was cooking up.

Sadly for me his character was always a little dull (whenever I had the option, I’d pick another character) but he’s still so nice to look at!


Batman (Batman Arkham series) I may be a little biased here as Batman is one of my idols – I love the comics, the films and undeniably, the games too.

When Arkham Asylum was released I was very pleased to see Batman looking buff in his tight fitting costume. He’s also got that gruff voice going on which seems to be a pattern in characters I have chosen to swoon over…

Now Robin jokes aside, there is something homoerotic about the caped crusader that I can’t put my finger on, even though I’d like to.


Dante (Devil May Cry series)

The original character design of Dante Is the one I like just not so much the revamped look in the recent DMC. Sure he has silver hair (not usually my thing)he is a bit obnoxious (again not usually my thing) and he is sort of the son of the devil (never usually my thing) but there is something about his swagger. His cocky, self assured attitude and never taking anything seriously makes him so appealing.

I love the red trench coat jacket & dark jeans look too!

Special mention also to Nathan Drake from Uncharted series!

So what do you think? Do you agree? Any gaming hunks I’ve missed?

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