Even Stranger Things

There was a little event in America recently – you may have heard of it – named the Super Bowl. Apparently, it’s a huge American Football event where hundreds of millions of people watch. All I know is it’s the time when all my favourite movie trailers / TV show trailers are unleashed to the world! **WARNING – Spoilers ahead**


This year was no exception, with a sneaky surprise; Stranger Things 2 trailer was beamed magically for all to see – after many teaser trailers, this one shows a lot more than was expected, but of course many new questions arise.


Firstly, it’s good to see the familiar 80’s homage both visually and audibly that I loved from the first season. Its set around a year after the events of season 1 and the trailer shows Will & friends coming to terms with what happened in the Upside Down along with a look at the kids in Ghostbusters outfits.

Unsurprisingly, Eleven is still alive and is a “major part of the season”, according to Matt Duffer and her back story will be explored during the season. But where has she been? Does she still have her powers? More footage means more questions…


The trailer also shows strange goings on (shock horror) and right at the end a huge monster similar to a preying mantis looming over the Hawkins town… According to Matt Duffer the characters will face “different kinds of horror” in contrast to the monster from the first season.

Titles for each episode have been released but are subject to change – keeping the story secret.

What do you guys think?

The first season was fantastic – it was such a surprise hit for me and I just hope season 2 will be in a similar vein when it arrives Halloween 2017.

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  1. It’s going to be a tough return I think. The first season was so good that I almost felt that it didn’t need to come back. Great article, do you feature your writing with any other sites?


    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂 I binged the first season & feel the same as you – but I still can’t wait all the same. I don’t write anywhere else but really would love to! How about you? I shall check out your blog 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awesome, well if you would like to feature some articles with us over at creators.co then shoot me an email anytime, I’d be happy to chat. We also publish gaming articles too. Here’s my email – mike.fleck@creators.co


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