Games I’d like to see on Nintendo Switch


March 3rd… Just 2 weeks, or 14 days or 336 hours until I have my hands on my Nintendo Switch… Not that I’m counting down or anything… We know the games that have been confirmed, but what about games we’d like to see released? I’m hoping Nintendo will heed my call and release some of these beauties for the handheld / console hybrid.



Animal Crossing Switch


This to me seems the most obvious game built for the Switch. The ability to be used in 3 different ways (Docked, table top mode and handheld), could really make a brand new Animal Crossing shine. I’m not talking about a port of existing games (Please Nintendo) but a whole entirely different re-working of the game.


Of course it should include the premise of a living town full of adorable animals, but I’d like to see 3 different game modes that make up the whole game. For example, in docked mode, the game could be similar to other Animal Crossing games – this is where the bulk of the game could be set in your town with new animals, more to do, more options for houses etc and a proper story.


 In portable mode, the game could switch (see what I did there, eh?)  On the go – to be something like travelling around different places – I imagine woods, the sea, mountain areas etc with different activities and items to find.  


In tabletop mode, there could be mini games to play with a friend – I’m thinking balloon popping style games relating to Animal Crossing universe that could either be one player (Vs CPU) or two players with plenty of incentives such as exclusive items to win.


I’m not saying all of this would be easy to create and would bring up questions like, “What if I wanted to do things in my town whilst in handheld mode instead of exploring areas?” etc


But imagine how great it would be? It would expand upon the idea of Animal Crossing being a real living town – being able to do different things, in different modes whilst taking the town with you. I envisage the handheld mode a bit like using real life locations around you and transferring a similar surrounding in your own little town.



Pokemon Switch


Goes without saying that this for me is pretty much the same of what Pokemon Sun / Moon would be like – except for the lack of gyms. It felt odd to me not having them in each town, like something was missing…



Pikmin 4


Pretty much same as what we’ve seen so far – just more of an expansion of the series.



Horror Games on the switch


With the GameCube, Resident Evil titles were exclusive for a short while – fantastic remakes of Resident Evil and new games like Resi 0 were brilliant to play and made the GameCube shine not only as a “kids console” but also capable of displaying darker and scarier titles (like Eternal Darkness)  that I loved. I hope they follow suit with the Switch and bring out many horror titles for us to gorge on.



Bayonetta 3


I never got to play Bayonetta 2 on Wii U but a sequel (maybe included with 1 & 2?) would go down very nicely for the Switch. Again, it makes the console seem less “For Kids” and that it could easily compete with PS4 / Xbox One / PC – maybe not in the graphical capabilities but in scope of different games available to play.



Soul Calibur Switch


Now I’m not just wanting this for Switch, I’d like it on any of the next generation consoles, but think this would work in the style of Smash Bros – but Soul Calibur. Please, Namco?


So, there you have it! What would you like to see on the Switch?


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