Going Ga Ga for Drag Race…

Rupaul’s Drag Race season 9 is shaping up to be serving the best season EVER (EVAH?)!After the jaw dropping revelation last night that Lady Ga Ga will be a guest judge on the shadiest show around I thought it best to post my thoughts  and predictions on the new wave of queens…

I need to be able to justify using phrases like “Fierce” “Werk” and “Shantay you stay” in daily conversations…. But no official air date is confirmed yet other than Spring 2017 (will be even later for us Brits), but a flurry of promotional videos have been released via #Ruveal videos. The powerful explosions of colour, flash of sequins and magnificent hair pieces that seem to match the colour of the queen’s outfits are flashed to show this season means business! Drastic Times calls for DRAGTASTIC Measures!

Meet the 13 new queens racing to be America’s Next Drag Superstar:



22, Brooklyn, New York

Aja reminds me a lot of Naomi Smalls (S8) just without the legs that go on for days like Naomi has. She looks fierce, her face is beat and could do well.

Alexis Michelle


33, New York

First thing I notice about Alexis is boob contour. It’s been done really well but I feel that this queen may do the usual trick of relying on that in outfit choices. Again, face has been beat impeccably – I’m just not keen on the name.

Charlie Hides


52, London, UK

For me, Charlie is the one to watch. Firstly, how the hell is this bitch 52? She is giving the ageless twink, Courtney Act a run for her money! As Charlie is the first British queen, she stands out (What the hell was this thing with The Vivienne?) massively.

She shares a lot of similarities with the grand high bitch herself, Rupaul in terms of age and I think she will stand in good stead with Michelle Visage. Mark my words! This one will do well…



25, Johnson City, Tennessee

Eureka O’Hara is simply known as Eureka on the show – is it to distance herself away from Phi Phi O’Hara? Are they even drag family? Who knows. I present our token bigger queen.

Farrah Moan


23, Las Vegas,Nevada

Farrah is another one to watch, I feel. Her overall look is very stylish, I love her eye make up and I think she’ll do well. She looks as though she has a bit of a bite though.

Jaymes Mansfield



Now I am trying to be as positive about our new queens as I can, but Jaymes. REALLY? It’s Season 9! I don’t drag queens with dull names. I want a star! I’m not digging the look and I don’t predict she will be getting past many rounds. Prove me wrong Jaymes!

Kimora Blac


28 (Las Vegas, Nevada)

I follow Kimora on Twitter – she seems to give the impression she is rich and famous like some common Kardashian… But, flawless make up and stunning to look at, I think this one will be very fierce, very competitive and another who may do well.

Nina Bo’Nina Brown


34, Riverdale Georgia

Asides from looking like Acid Betty, I feel Nina is another one to watch. Love the looks, makeup and overall vibe from her!



37, New York

Interestingly, Peppermint is the first openly trans woman in the competition (others have come out later) which makes me feel like Drag Race isn’t for her. It’s not that I’m against Trans, I just don’t feel female impersonation is the right competition to be in. Peppermint wants to be a woman, not just dress as one for fun.

Sasha Velour


29, Brooklyn, New York

A lot of fans are going crazy over her unique looks, I’m not one of them. Sasha looks great, don’t get me wrong, I’m really not a fan of my queens not wearing a wig (sorry, hair, Alaska) and I’m not a fan of her style. Though, she may do well and pull out several looks to blow us all away…

Shea Coulee


27, Chicago, Illinois

I love her name. She looks very much the powerful Glamazonian princess in this photo. I’m not impressed with the lack of blending….

Trinity Taylor


31, Orlando, Florida

Hmm. Looks a lot like Tempest Dujour. There’s just too much going on here, so I’m hoping this queen will have a lot better looks in the show. Like Tempest, I don’t think Trinity will do very well…



25, Echo Park, California

Super skinny, super glam and could do well. Valentina may have the correct look, but how will she fare?

Well, there you have it! My thoughts on the looks of our Season 9 queens. Don’t agree? Let me know in the comments!

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