Resident Evil 6 Review

Everyone is super psyched for the Resident Evil 4 re-release coming soon, so we thought we’d give Resident Evil 6 a spin on the PS4 as part of Capcom’s re release of the much loved zombie infested games series. Does Resident Evil 6 live up to expectations? Or is it another title to wallow in Resident Evil 4’s shadow?

Funnily enough, Resident Evil 6 is actually the ninth title in the long running Resident Evil series. It was originally released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 only in 2012 so not long ago at all. This re-release contains all downloadable content released for both the PS4 and Xbox One.

Monster in Resident Evil 6

Resi 6 has a lot of making up to do, as Resident Evil 5’s awful AI co-op system did not cut it for gamers. Everyone was sick of Sheva / Chris (depending who you chose to be) running into your character, stealing all ammo and healing items, whilst doing absolutely nothing at all to save you when hordes of monsters were attacking. The pain was real and made Resi 5 a frustrating experience, only if you have no friends…Which of course, I don’t.

When Capcom announced that Resident Evil 6 would also use a co-operative system for sets of characters, players weren’t convinced that the AI had been sorted (hoping your partner wouldn’t be as dumb as a box of hair like in Resi 5) and when Capcom stated the inventory system was upgraded for the better (trying to get to a herb when you’re being attacked wasn’t the best idea for Resident Evil 5) players still weren’t convinced. Nonetheless, Capcom announced that co-operatively you could play as:

Resident Evil 6 characters

  • Chris Redfield or Piers Nivans
  • Leon S. Kennedy or Helena Harper
  • Jake Muller or Sherry Birkin
  • Ada Wong

Each of the characters has different abilities along with different storylines that happen to cross paths with each other as you progress.

When I heard the news that Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong were all in the game, I was super stoked. It did worry me that working together with an AI character might be as terrible as in Resident Evil 5, so I chose Ada’s story to play through first on the PS4.

Ada Wong in Resident Evil 6

Ada has always been a personal favourite of mine, her ability to be sly and cunning even though none of the characters ever trust her makes her lots of fun in my eyes. Her story in Resident Evil 6 is a little confusing as a doppelganger named Carla poses as Ada Wong in some of the storylines while the real Ada helps other characters in the same time frame. Carla then tries to attack Ada after injecting herself with the infamous C-Virus… Still, Ada is feisty, quick witted and just as cool as she was in the other games. She has sass, making other characters seem a little dull in comparison.

The game play is good, being able to blast your way through enemies and discovering little secrets here and there can be fun yet there doesn’t feel like there is a break in the action to really get a sense of the game. I found the controls to be quite difficult, such as when enemies are attacking and you need to hide behind a wall, it isn’t easy to do. Let alone shoot from cover – you can just forget it. The inventory system is supposed to be quick (you can quickly use an herb with the flick of R1) but I found myself mixing herbs (if I was lucky enough to find any – like gold dust!) quickly while hordes of enemies were on their way over. It shouldn’t have to be in real time to sort health items!

Game play of resident evil 6

The story was never great in any of the Resident Evil games, what mattered was the survival horror element. Yet, Resident Evil 6 has almost done away with this almost completely – gone are the puzzles of collecting items to unlock a door to move on, or enemies jumping through windows to pounce on you. Resi 6 concentrates on the action from start to finish and it works really well, I just can’t help but miss the old Resi days of hunting down a key with a carving of armour…

Thankfully, the AI has been sorted and your partner does help when needed and also doesn’t steal all of the items which is a big relief as strangely, there aren’t enough herbs or first aid sprays dropped or left behind which often makes the game difficult and frustrating. The amount of times I had to restart just because of the lack of health items… It isn’t fun, Capcom.

Resident Evil 6 game play

The other character stories are brilliantly woven together, popping up when you least expect them to, sometimes helping bring down a particularly large enemy along the way. It gives the game good replay value to play them all. There are other game modes included, along with unlockables / upgrades to keep players entertained throughout the different stories.

More than 600 staff at Capcom worked on Resi 6 and it does look good, even for a PS3 re-release with added PS4 polish. The environments are well detailed and characters themselves look even more so. Complimenting the graphics are awesome sounds of helicopters, moaning enemies and shots fired constantly with atmospheric music that makes the game sound great as well as looking good. It’s just a shame the game has moved so far away from what the series is known for – namely, survival horror.

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