Easily upgrade your PS4 memory

Games take up so much data these days. Some games can take up a whopping 60GB of space and that’s from a disc not a download! So, the PS4’s 500GB hard drive can easily become full pretty quickly. Unlike the Xbox One, you cannot simply plug in an external hard drive, you’ll have to get your hands dirty installing an internal drive.

Don’t shell out for a 1TB PS4, why not upgrade your hard drive instead? Could cost as little as £60 and will take around an hour or so (the main time constraint will be your internet speed and re-downloading games) it’s a lot easier than you might think. Here’s our guide to easily upgrade your PS4 Hard Drive, without the headache.

This step by step guide will ensure you easily upgrade your PS4 memory. Please note, this will NOT void your warranty with Sony.

What you’ll need:

Equipment needed


1x PS4 (be pretty hard without it!)

1x Phillips / crosshead screwdriver (I used a Stanley PH1x75mm but any can be used that will fit a crosshead screw)

1x 2.5-inch SATA HDD (the 2.5 inch size is vital – any bigger and it won’t fit in your PS4)

1x USB stick (at least 8GB preferred) or 1x FAT32 USB HDD

1x laptop or PC with internet

1x PS4 controller

1x microUSB cable (that came with your PS4 controller)

Step One: what hard drive you need to buy

Before you do anything, you’ll need to get your hands on the right external hard drive. This is entirely your choice as to where you purchase it from and how much you wish to spend. Follow these rules:

  • Must be 2.5 inch SATA hard drive
  • Must be under 9.5mm tall (or else it won’t fit)
  • Must have a memory greater than 500gb (or else no point in doing this!)

Toshiba hard drive

Most external hard drives are cheaper online, however I chose the Toshiba 1TB hard drive from my local Currys PC World for £50 (It even says for games consoles on the box which was helpful). Most 1TB hard drives are around £50 with 2TB or higher priced much more. Just make sure the hard drive fits!

Different hard drives also have an RPM figure (this standsfor Revolutions Per Minute) which can effect load times and even graphical effects. The standard for PS4 is 5400RPM.

Step Two: Backing up your PS4

This is pretty obvious, but you need to ensure data is backed up for your PS4. There are a few ways you can do this – if you have a PS Plus account, save data is automatically saved to the cloud.

Copying data to USB

Or if you want to ensure they are saved, insert a USB stick with enough memory into your PS4, then:

In the PS4 menu go to settings > application saved data management > saved data in system storage. Here you’ll see an option to copy your saves to a USB drive. You need to select the files game-by-game so it’s a good idea to leave out games you may not want to play again. Follow the on screen instructions to complete.

Step Three: removing the current hard drive / inserting new one

Once you have removed the USB drive, making sure no discs are left in the drive, shut down your PS4 (ensure it is not in standby) then remove all cables.

How to open a PS4

Place the PS4 on a flat surface, then on the shiny part of the PS4, you can simply place your hand on top and move it to the left to remove.

Here’s where you’ll need to remove the screw towards the front left (with the infamous Playstation symbols on) then simply slide the hard drive out.

screws to remove

There are 4 black screws on the side of the hard drive that need removing and the hard drive can be removed. Replace with new hard drive (ensure it’s facing the correct way) and screw in black screws before sliding into place, not forgetting the final screw and place the PS4 tray back over.

Step Four: restoring the PS4 OS

As the hard drive you have just removed contains the Operating System for the PS4, you’ll need to download the OS from here. Once downloaded, save to USB as PS4UPDATE.PUP in a folder named PS4 and a further folder named UPDATE.

Start the PS4 in safe mode (with the USB stick inserted) by pressing the power button for 7 seconds.

PS4 in safe mode

Select [Initialise PS4 (Reinstall System Software) then follow the on screen steps to complete setup.

Your PS4 will now have a greater memory & you can pick which games to download from the PSN store (it’s a good way to clear up games you no longer want to play or need).

Hopefully, you will have successfully installed a new hard drive without any problems, if you do face any, remember to ensure the hard drive is the correct size, file names are labelled correctly and if you have any further problems, tweet me and I’ll try to help!

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