No Wondering needed…

Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder… Four words couldn’t describe a film better on its title screen, as does the hotly anticipated Wonder Woman movie coming summer 2017. Warner Brothers were kind enough at the Comic Con in San Diego to debut the trailer and it is, in a word, wonderful.

**warning spoilers ahead**

Gal Gadot who plays the Amazonian Wonder Woman stunned audiences who were watching Batman Vs Superman earlier this year as she appeared (very briefly) in the film, much to the delight of fans everywhere. In my opinion, she was one of the strongest parts of the Batman Vs Superman film and I cannot wait for her to star in her own film. And seems I’m not the only one, Director Patty Jenkins describes her: “Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman.”

The 2 minute 52 second trailer shows Princess Diana of Themyscira as she joins the fight for global peace during World War I. It also shows her potential love interest of the movie, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor who appears to have been rescued by Wonder Woman on a beach. She states later: “I have no father, I was brought to life by Zeus…”

“Well, that’s neat” he replies. Bit of an understatement!

It then shows Diana dressed in a gorgeous blue number at a party, yet with a hidden sword at her back. Meaning that not only is she a beauty but deadly too. Was she there to not only kill with her looks though?

Cue scenes of battles, a glimpse of the golden lasso of truth and general slow motion shots of Gal Gadot playing the badass Wonder Woman in perfect form. And then comes the logo accompanied with that fantastically brilliant music from Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice …. It is simply, stunning.

Wonder Woman

At the end of the trailer, it shows a meeting between Diana, Steve Trevor and his secretary.

“What is a secretary?” Diana asks.

“I go where he tells me to go, I do what he tells me to do” the secretary replies.

And in Wonder Woman style, Diana says: “Well, where I’m from that’s called slavery”. BOOM!

It packs a lot in, in such a short period of time showcasing every single element that we all want in a movie: namely action, a love interest with some comedic elements along the way. The trailer feels like this is what Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice should have been and I get a reminiscent feeling Wonder Woman is similar in some ways to Captain America: The First Avenger (though it was set in WW2).

The amazonian in Wonder Woman

Surprisingly, this is the first ever live action Wonder Woman movie to be released. It’s a million miles apart from the Lynda Carter TV series (which was spectacular) as Gal Gadot breathes new life into the role of Wonder Woman. Gone are the bright red and gold outfits of old, replaced with deep darker reds and golds to look more realistic as the Amazonian princess she is.

I’m going to say a bold statement, Wonder Woman is set to be the film of 2017. It has a lot of fierce competition from other super hero movies, yet this trailer shows Wonder Woman may have the right formula to be a great movie.

Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder

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